December 2012 – Are you…Inspired?

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Take action on your business

This month we are reprinting one of our most popular articles – it generated a large number of replies and feedback. Perhaps this will generate new thoughts for you to take action with the new year!

Are you…Inspired?

Perplexing question, isn’t it?

On a regular basis I hear business owners complain that business is not great. They tend to blame external forces:

  • It’s the economyTake action on your business
  • It’s my competitors
  • It’s the weather
  • It’s the season
  • It’s the location
  • It’s the…

Rarely do I hear:

  • I’m not sure who is the best type of customer to target
  • I’m spending too much to get a customer
  • I don’t know where and how to find customers
  • My marketing has stopped working effectively
  • I’m not distinguishing myself from my competition
  • I don’t know what to do

The second group of businesspeople recognizes that they need to adjust their methods to address the external forces that are beyond their control. They recognize what is in their control (their actions) and what is not in their control (weather, economy, etc.). As wise people, they seek introspection and careful assessment of their skills and business strategy.

  • A wise entrepreneur might strive to identify what makes her business stand apart from the competition and implement marketing tools that highlight these positive differences.
  • A smart inventor would modify his strategy to attract a different market segment that is underserved.
  • A bright businessman could identify alternative marketing tools to attract prospects’ attention.

What these three people have in common is the capacity to recognize deficiencies in their businesses and take action instead of blaming external forces beyond their control.

What type of businessperson are you?

  • Are you susceptible to complaining about how other “things” are preventing you from growing?


  • Are you finding the inspiration to come through with the ideas and skills to move your business in the right direction?

Figuring out where you stand is the first step in the right direction to take positive action. I hope you are the inspired type.

All the best,

David Fischer

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