We are Solutions for Growth

Solutions for Growth is a full service marketing agency that helps small businesses grow sales with affordable professional marketing tailored to their unique needs.

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Solutions for Growth has a big name, and we produce big results, but make no mistake, we’re a small business.

Our team knows the work you put in every day. Our job is to support your business and develop programs we know will help you succeed.

Website, email campaign, a direct mail program – whatever is best for your situation; we can help and are not wedded to, or rely on a single solution. Business is multi-channel and we (and you) must be too.

It’s why a call to David is always a great way to get things started.



We’ve designed our company, Solutions for Growth to give clients access to professional grade marketing tools, and experienced marketing professionals. With our process and smart team, we offer accountable, high quality marketing at a fraction of the cost you’d pay at a “full-service agency” – and offer that service nationwide.



Solutions for Growth only uses marketing tools that have withstood the test of time. We offer media and technologies that move the sales needle.

If you are succeeding and the “cash register is ringing,” that means we are succeeding too. Bottom line: we only use marketing tools that produce revenue.

  • studioBDanceLogoSolutions for Growth really saved me during a busy, stressful time. After speaking with David Fischer I was convinced they were the right company to help me with my Every Door Direct Mailer. Not only did they do a great job printing the material and getting it to me quickly, they quoted me a good price and suggested great ways to use the mailer efficiently. They were extremely helpful and my project was completed on time, and with great results! I really enjoyed working with Solutions for Growth and highly recommend them for any type of business.

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  • elite-design-systems-logoSolutions for Growth provides me with ongoing marketing consulting services that have consistently hit the mark! I also hired the firm to prepare a customer acquisition campaign through the Every Day Direct Mail program and we were floored by the results. Solutions for Growth custom designed the mailer and then had it printed at a very competitive rate. The results were extraordinary: within a few days we had 13 calls from new customers seeking our services. Working with Solutions for Growth is a pleasure: they are truly nice people who know their marketing and consistently deliver effective and affordable marketing. I plan on using Solutions for Growth on an ongoing basis.

“It’s about results, that’s what matters most”…

-David Fischer, Founder, Solutions for Growth



Talk with us, tell us what you are trying to do, what you need


We put together a realistic proposal for you (details price, timing and deliverables)


We work with you to fine tune the plan


We do our job and you see results


Enjoy a better way to market and effective tools with great advice from a marketing company for small business.