We’ve helped hundreds of companies grow by combining marketing tools into Local Advantage, a system to raise your profile in the market and grow sales.

Lead - \’leed\ - A potential customer; the result of an effective marketing system.

Dentist marketing in New Jersey and New York and North Carolina to get more patients. Ideal for pediatric dentists for effective marketing for SEO, direct mail and website

“We’ve been using Solutions for Growth for a few years and it’s working wonderfully. They are professional and really care about the work they do for us. I strongly recommend them!”

Dr. Cynthia Pattison, Pediatric Dental Associates

Generate, nurture and convert qualified leads!

Solutions for Growth helps businesses that experience slow sales growth through Local Advantage, our proven and affordable system of integrated marketing tools.

Boost lead generation

Nurture qualified leads

Convert leads to sales

Integrated Marketing works for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. Below are two illustrated examples of how Integrated Marketing guides the customer through the purchase decision.

How we’re different.

Other agencies provide stand-alone marketing tools that work independently and do not always succeed. The tools in Local Advantage work together to provide clear and discernable effects to your bottom line.

Our Simple Four-Step System for Getting Results


In order to best serve your business, we need know your story.


Each business is unique, we’ll identify the best approach to market your business.


We’ll put plan in motion, raising your profile in the market.


Marketing results are measured and plans optimized.

Why Solutions for Growth?


Your business may have invested in marketing initiatives that did not work. You may feel embarrassed, intimidated or confused because there are so many marketing tools and it’s difficult to know where to begin. We are here to guide you through that process.

Solutions for Growth takes pride in the long-term relationships we build with clients. Those relationships mature based on the trust earned by consistently delivering value.

When your business succeeds, we succeed. There’s nothing quite as potent as mutually-driven success.


Our team shares a range of diverse and successful experience in marketing, across industries. Our track record speaks for itself.

Solutions for Growth not only provides your company with a tested framework and proven system for success, we empower you with an understanding of how these tools function to develop, nurture and convert new leads.

You do not need to be a marketing expert to grow your business. By hiring Solutions for Growth, you’ll look like one all the same.


We offer big agency thinking at small agency prices. Local Advantage allows us to maximize the effects of each tool through their synergy. Our expertise provides a program, catered to fit each business’ needs.

Despite our expertise, our fees are generally lower than other agencies, adding more ROI to our clients.

Marketing agency for physical therapy in Fairfield County CT Connecticut to get more patients and grow sales with marketing

“My marketing was always getting the last bits of my attention, as I was overwhelmed by the different tools and the lack of time. I chose Solutions for Growth to handle my marketing because their system works, they are professional and affordable. They take the time to explain why they recommend specific tools, which I found lacking in other agencies. Local Advantage has filled my funnel of leads and I’m thrilled with the results.”

Michael Sebastian, CT Sports, Norwalk, CT

Find out how marketing tools work together to get more sales!