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February 2012

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Supercharge you Facebook Page and a Special Offer

Here’s an overview on how to integrate social media into your marketing plan and a special offer from Solutions for Growth.

Your website used to be the place where you hoped to attract potential customers. It was a final destination for all of thepeople you flagged down through your various forms of marketing, such as your business cards, brochures, print, radio and TV advertising, or even your own company vehicles. The objective was to drive people to your website, and convert them into customers then and there.

But now that nearly everyone is connected to social media, your website might be less like a destination, and more like a form of transportation. You need to drive people to your website, but you also need to formulate great content based on your website, and drive it to social media outlets. Not everyone will be traveling in your website’s direction, so you need to stick up some signs to get their attention, regardless of where they’re heading. How do you catch them coming and going?

Have you ever been on a road trip and seen signs every 50 miles or so advertising a theme park? You could think of every sign on that road as a different social media outlet, driving them to a landing page on your website. Your Facebook page could be one of those signs.

In addition, consider packaging your message with punch in one particular format, and then repurpose it everywhere, so you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. So, whether you put your message in a video, an email newsletter, or an online coupon, just be sure your audience can access it from a variety of avenues: link to it on Twitter and Facebook, embed it in your email newsletter and put it in a prominent place on your website.

Some companies do their own social media marketing, while others find it effective to use a marketing services firm. The right marketing firm will use best practices to make sure the social media marketing is effective, efficient, and hitting all the right targets.

Clients of Solutions for Growth have been able to multiply their marketing reach by combining email marketing and social media. We use Constant Contact because it provides effective tools for email newsletters, and its social media promotion tools are superior. Now Constant Contact has introduced “Social Campaigns” to truly maximize your Facebook marketing efforts.

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David Fischer