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September 2010

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Do You Need to Be Social?       


Why do you need to be social?

Going through life without a social network can be hard. Similarly, growing a business without a social network can limit your expansion opportunities. So yes, everyone needs to have a social media strategy.

Just as in life, social interaction allows people to get to know each other better. In business, when you and your customers know each other better, your likelihood of growing sales increases.

Developing a social media strategy for your business helps you:

  • Interact with your customers and develop trustworthy relationships and closer bonds.
  • Learn what they think and expect from you.
  • Provide customers with relevant information, so your relationship with them grows and their comfort with your business increases.

Social media allows you to engage with your customers in a meaningful way, increasing loyalty, referrals and sales.
Once you choose which social sites are best suited for your business, whether Facebook, MyPlace, LinkedIn, Twitter or other venue, you can start a dialogue with customers and prospects that allows you to be more involved and interact.

The more you interact, the more people get to know and trust your business, the more your sales will increase.

How can Solutions for Growth help you?

By helping you become more social!

Without obligation, let’s review your social media options and discuss what strategy to implement. Become more social and see your business grow!

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David Fischer