June 2013 – Creating New Business – Without a Sales Pitch

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Converse Your Way to Better Sales

Great professionals are always looking for ways to improve their client relationships. If this sounds like you, good news! You don’t have to keep selling to keep existing clients. Learn to simply keep the conversation going, and clients will see you as an indispensable asset and continue to use your services.

Creating New Business Without a Sales Pitch

Constantly “selling” yourself and your services creates a lot of unnecessary work-and in fact, may backfire on you. Do you like being bombarded with ads from the same companies over and over? You don’t want your client to view you the same way. It’s important to not only check in with them and see what’s going on, but go beyond that and think of yourself as part of their core team. With this approach, you can create new opportunities without selling.

Make Your Conversations Meaningful

When talking with clients have conversations with purpose. Ask yourself, “If I charged my client for this, would they find it valuable enough to pay for it?”
Creating New Business Without a Sales Pitch
Position yourself as a mentor by taking a lead in the conversation. Ask how their most recent project is going, and ask them tough questions about it. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and expertise in the name of relationship building.


Give Them a Fresh Perspective

As an outsider, you can have great insights to a project your client is neck deep in every day. Listen first, and then offer new ideas and observations. Pose hypothetical situations to them regarding their project. If they have challenges, offer alternative solutions. Sometimes simply providing a fresh perspective can be the most helpful in overcoming an obstacle.

See what happened? By having a meaningful, hard-hitting conversation, you set yourself apart in your client’s mind and inspired a measure of loyalty with them. Now when they have another project, who do you think they will turn to first?

Make Yourself Valuable, And Business Will Follow

When you talk to your clients, the end goal is for your clients to learn from you. Don’t make it feel like you’re just angling for more business. Be honest in your pursuit to really help them. In the end, they will appreciate your insights so much more if they see you as truly looking out for their best interest, not just offering a thinly veiled sales pitch.

In offering your ideas, you can help your client run their business more efficiently-and what client will turn that down? In turn, you will make yourself more valuable to them, and ultimately they will come to rely on you more. 


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