July 2013 – How do I grow my relationship with customers?

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How do I grow my relationship with customers?

In speaking with clients, this question often comes up: “How do I grow my relationship with customers to increase their loyalty, unearth new opportunities and increase my sales with them?”

There are many steps a business can take to drive more business from its customers, however when an emotional response is elicited from a Pleasantly surprisedcustomer, a tighter bond is formed. That bond leads to higher sales. This newsletter highlights some things you can do to trigger positive emotional responses from your customers.

Go the extra step

How do you feel when someone goes out of their way to delight you?

When you do something that goes beyond what a customer expects, you elicit a positive emotional response that singles your business out and makes your action memorable.

  • As the owner of a tax return preparation firm, why not add something “extra,” such as a free tax return for the client’s teenage child?- How do you think your client feels about that?  Delighted?
  • Why not add something extra, such as a free car wash when customers drop off their car for an oil change?
  • Even a heartfelt “thank you” goes a long way!

The goodwill you create with these small gestures carries more weight in promoting your business than a large advertising campaign could create.

Take that extra step and exceed your customers’ expectations – do something that makes them say: “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that!”

Surprise and delight

Life events – so important to your customers.

Do you know your top customers’ birthdays? You should!

Your top customers account for a large part of your sales and when you acknowledge them on their important day, they will Important Customer Birthday Couponremember that and thank you by giving you more business.

A simple email or postcard, delivered just before a customer’s birthday, with a mention of the birthday and a special offer, such as a discount, or special service like free delivery, will make your customer feel “surprised and delighted” enhancing your bond with the customer.

Make your customers feel good about doing business with you!

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