October 2013 – 9 tips for sharpening your SEO

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9 tips for sharpening your SEO

Nobody likes a dull website. Dull and boring websites go unnoticed and are virtually ignored. Just as customers don’t like to be bored when tips for sharpening your SEOthey visit a website, search engines don’t like dreary websites either. Without the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO – the art and science of getting a website ranked highly), customers will be directed to other businesses the search engines find more interesting.

Using these 9 SEO tips will transform your website into a finely tuned business tool that will get noticed:

1. Make it useful, interesting…and free

People love free things. Press releases, blogs, newsletters, and other tidbits don’t take long to create and are great places to insert keywords that search engines look for when customers seek that information.Free red button

2. Build a network and promote it
Being active in a professional network helps direct traffic to your site. By sharing links with partners and professional contacts, you can build a network that will be a source of constant traffic for your business.

3. Customize your site for local traffic

Google, Bing!, and other search engines are increasingly tailoring their search results to give greater priority to local listings. Thus, it’s imperativeLocal listings to include localized keywords alongside links to businesses in the area(s) you want to do business in. Both will give your business greater priority in the search results pages.

4. Use social media to your advantage

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube aren’t just for bored college students. Using each will help boost your web presence and business reach considerably. The number of links you can create by using social media is limited only by the amount of time you’re willing to put into them.

5. Promote your business
tips for sharpening your SEOHosting events and workshops is a great way to attract links to your site. You can place your links on sites such as MeetUp, Bigtent, Suretomeet, and others.

6. Invite guests and colleagues to post content
Everybody is proud of their work, and chances are your colleagues and partners will want to link to their content on your site. They get to show off their expertise, and you get the benefit of the links.

7. Go for the big fish
Make it easy for key people in your industry to post their content on your site. Big name content draws big time increases in your web presence.

8. Get listed in the directoriesDirectories globe There are dozens of great directories out there. Make sure your business is listed in as many as possible.There is often a cost involved but the return on your investment is worth every Dollar, Pound, Yen, and Euro when it comes to your SEO plans.

9. Become an expert
Get active on sites and discussion boards related to your industry. Every time you post and engage in the conversations, be sure to drop links to your site and encourage readers to pay your pages a visit.

By following these simple marketing tips, consumers and search engines alike will be convinced your website is the most interesting site on the internet.

Take the time to properly build your site and get your brand out there for the world to discover.

For more information on how your business can benefit from SEO strategies, call (914) 533-7226.

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