November 2013 – Landing New Customers and Retaining Existing Ones

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Landing New Customers and Retaining Existing Ones

In a crowded marketplace you have no shortage of competition. When it comes to landing new customers and retaining existing ones, it landing new customers and retaining existing onesis necessary to offer products and services that leave a great taste in your client’s mouths. This “secret sauce” is made up of everything from customer service to client engagement, and fine tuning your recipe for success is something you should always be doing. These are some of your success ingredients:

  1. Build your brand. Your brand is why you are in business. It’s what differentiates your business from the one down the road. Your brand is your message, your promise to your clients, and your modus operandi.
  2. Determine your market.  You can please some of the people some of the time, and all of the people none of the time. Find your niche Nicheand determine which segment of your potential market you can serve best, then give them everything you have to offer.
  3. Define your products and promises. Whether you are selling seashells by the seashore, or providing accounting solutions to Fortune 500 companies, determine which products and services you want to offer, then offer only the very best to your clients. Resist the urge to offer too many options, and offer only the solutions that you have mastered.
  4. Listen to your clients. Your clients are your best source of information. They know how your business makes them feel and how it helps Listen Understand Respondtheir businesses. Make it easy for them to contact you and to engage in discussion with your representatives. Query them at every opportunity to find out how you can hone your services and product offerings to their needs. Remember, you are not in business to serve yourself; you are in business to serve your clients.
  5. Under promise, and over deliverDo what you say you are going to do, and do it before the client is expecting it to be completed. If your client is expecting work to be completed on a project by Friday, surprise them by giving it to them on Thursday. They will appreciate it Chefand come to rely on your competency.

When you are ready to perfect your secret sauce, contact Solutions for Growth. Our master chefs aren’t afraid to stir the pot and make your business the tastiest in your field.

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