April 2014 – Dip a toe in social media and a #SuccessStory

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Dip a toe in social media and a #SuccessStory

These days, there are so many social media networks that it can be dizzying to try and keep up. But social media is a crucial part of any successful marketing campaign.

Social media networks are an extension of your company’s online presence. They offer another opportunity to find new customers and connect more deeply with the customers you already have.

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At the very least, today’s successful company needs to develop a presence on LinkedIn for business-to-business connections; Facebook is crucial for business-to-customer relations; and Twitter and Tumblr both have devoted users who may eschew the other platforms. On top of those, there are many more varied options. If your business is visually oriented (such as an interior designer or cake decorator), you should definitely be on Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, which are image-heavy and allow potential customers to see your work in action.

A presence on Google+ is a must for SEO purposes, since it’s owned by Google and is considered an important component in Google’s ranking algorithm.

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Maintaining a presence on social media platforms means having a completed profile with up-to-date, solid information showing why someone would connect with you, do business with your company, and interact with your profile. Keep your profile alive with regular posts and frequent interactions. Even a simple “thank you” to a customer’s comment can yield great rewards.

Each social media platform is unique, with its own requirements and best practices that lead to success. Do some online snooping to find out what works best for other users who have found success in their company’s social media networking. Above all, don’t get overwhelmed. You don’t have to plunge into every single platform at once — that’s too much for any mortal. Pick one or two social media outlets to start with, and do those to the best of your ability. That’s preferable to spreading yourself too thin over all the networks and not using any of them to your best advantage.


Award-winning artist Rachel Goldsmith reached out to Solutions for Growth for advice on how best to expose her work to the art market and expand her presence on social media. After training sessions with Solutions for Growth on social media to develop a solid “know-how,” Rachel started actively Tweeting. As a user of 3Doodler (the first-ever 3D printing Rachel Goldsmith Lamppen), she tweeted about how she uses the pen for creating art, using the hashtag #3doodler. That was picked up by the 3Doodler company, who connected her to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Rachel is now exhibiting her work in the window of the museum’s gift shop, giving a dramatic boost to her exposure. Amazing what the right #hashtag can do!

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