June 2014 – Small Businesses Need a Website to Survive

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Small Businesses Need an Effective Website to Survive

Want to hear something frightening? A recent survey by Yodle states that 52% of small business owners don’t have a website of any kind. Those small business owners are putting their companies at an immediate disadvantage to their competitors.

In our internet age, your website defines your company. Without a site, you might as well operate your business from a lemonade stand in your living room.

Use the Internet to Your Advantage

Some distinct advantages of having a website for your small business:

1. Improve Your Google Presence

Remember flipping through the yellow pages? Nowadays you get Googled. And if your company isn’t showing up in Google results, customers simply aren’t going to find you. Small Businesses Need an Effective Website to Survive

The stronger your web presence, the more — and better — results you’ll get from Google. Improving search engine results is a full-time job (there are actually people who only do this, day in and day out), but you can’t even get found if you aren’t on the internet.

2. Tell Us About Yourself

A strong, concise “About” page allows you to communicate your company’s brand and quality even more effectively than a face-to-face pitch.

One of the most-visited pages on any site, the “About” page is a perfect chance to position yourself as the leading authority in your field — and to give customers a reason to trust in you.

3. Socialize with Your Customers

Social media is the primary way internet users communicate with friends and Social Media family these days, sharing the features and services they trust with the ones they love.

The more social media-friendly your website is — optimized for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more — the better the chances for your company to reach new and interested customers.

4. Subscriptions

An email newsletter is the very best way to connect with new and old customers. Your subscriber list will consist of willing readers who are receptive to your message. The more your list grows, the bigger your company’s reach becomes.

In order to turn casual visitors into loyal subscribers, you’ll want to make sure people can sign up right on your homepage. Give them an additional incentive to join your list, such as a free eBook or access to offers and discounts exclusive to subscribers.

5. Mobile AccessMobile Access by emc

If your website looks and functions well on a small screen, you improve the chances that someone when looking for your on a tablet or phone.

By optimizing your website for mobile access, you guarantee that your customers are carrying you around right in their pockets, everywhere they go!

6. Make Your Company the Expert

The internet offers numerous opportunities to showcase your company’s expertise in its field — through newsletters, social media, and your home page.

Each of these avenues can bring fresh eyes to your company — and everybody wants to consult an expert, not a novice. This is your chance to make your name synonymous with experience and know-how.

7. Sell, Sell, Sell!Sell it

Last but certainly not least, you want to sell your product or service. All your online efforts ultimately come down to the customer clicking on that “Buy Now” or “Contact” button to purchase your product or services or learn more.

Make the Most of Your Website

Solutions for Growth specializes in helping small businesses expand their web presence. A website is essential because it’s a window into your business that enables potential customers to see the services and products, your portfolio, testimonials, special offers, and even a video of your product or service – all of which help your prospects choose to do business with you. Check out the website portfolio.

Don’t wait another minute to make your website the best it can be. Contact us today and give your business a change for the better!

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