October 2014 – How the Long Tail Can Help You Win the Battle for SEO

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Search Engine Optimization can seem like a strange videogame for business people: battle the great and powerful search engine and hope you win the best ranking. But the mighty search engine keeps changing its weapons and tactics; sometimes it acts like an ally, other times an unbeatable enemy.

Think of Solutions for Growth as a high-level magic sword to help guide you to victory. We understand search engine optimization and we’ll fight on your side to ensure your company wins the highest score possible.

SEO Is Crucial for Success

When it comes to search engines, ranking counts. A recent survey by the online ad network Chitika produced some staggering statistics:Long Tail Keywords Curve

  1. The majority of click-through rates (roughly 33%) go to the top-ranked website.
  2. The second-ranked search engine result only gets 18% of the click rates.
  3. The fourth-place ranking gets less than 10% of the click-throughs — and the percentages decline swiftly from there.


So if you’re number two and your closest competitor has the top result, they’re getting nearly double the amount of clicks that you are. That’s a lot of potential customers drifting away from your business and going straight to your competition.

Head to Tail SEO

SEO is driven by keywords, but those can be very competitive. If you’re the second search result for a keyword that gets, say, 10,000 searches per month, that means you average only 1,800 monthly click-throughs. The top-ranked result gets about 3,300 clicks.

One solution is to use long tail keywords. Head keywords are short phrases, only one or two words long (i.e. “hotel rooms”) that get many more search results. As you might imagine, these are Long Tail Keywords Curveextremely competitive.

Long tail keywords are 3-4 words or longer (i.e. “hotel rooms for tight budgets”). They’re much more specific in details and less competitive than head keywords.

Take the Long Tail

Hittail recently released some interesting statistics:

  • Over 70% of internet search traffic is for long tail keywords.
  • Long tail keywords have conversion rates that are 2.5 times higher than head keywords.
  • Click-through rates rise precipitously for more specific keywords, with 4 or more words ranking highest.

A solid marketing strategy requires search engine optimization. The data proves that long tail keywords can give you a crucial edge on your competition.Long Tail Keywords Curve

Don’t be scared into using long tail keywords. With a smaller niche, your search results can be better targeted and allow you to locate your ideal customer with ease.

Let Solutions for Growth help you achieve better business with long tail keywords. We’ll increase your click-through rates and hone your search rankings so you get the most from your SEO.

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