November 2014 – How to Make the Most of Your Email Marketing Reports

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Small business email marketing reports


A recent survey from Constant Contact found that 83% of small business owners use email marketing reports — almost 20% more than use website analytics.

Email marketing reports provide useful data that enable business owners to understand who’s reading their emails and what the customer is doing with that information. But in order to use the data you’re receiving, you have to understand how to process it.

Understanding the Data

The survey found that most small business owners want to learn more about using data to drive their business. Those who don’t use data report that the two biggest roadblocks were not knowing where to begin (49%) and a lack of available time (40%).

But understanding the data in email marketing reports doesn’t have to be a herculean task. Here are some important elements to focus on:small business email open rates

  • Engagement – How many clients are opening your email? A high openrate means you’re connecting with your clients, offering information they find useful in a format they consider accessible.
  • Action – Your click-through rate tells you whether clients are moved to action based on the content of your email. Do you have enough links in your email? Is your call to action clear and compelling enough to move your readers to click?
  • Connection – If your emails are being marked as spam or getting bounced back, then your message isn’t getting through. High bounce rates may indicate a problem with email formatting that needs to be addressed. Similarly, high opt-out rates mean your clients aren’t finding your emails useful and you may want to rethink your strategy.


Make the Most of Your Data

When you know what to take from them, email reports offer extremely valuable information. But what you do with that information can make or break your business.small business email marketing reports lead to strategy

  • Establish a strategy – What items customers click on tells you what they’re interested in. When you know what your most popular products and services are, you can develop a business strategy that builds on these strengths. You can even bolster your less effective products and services by aligning them more closely with the top sellers.
  • Help with sales – Contact people who clicked on your links in order to move a sale forward. Of course, you don’t want to be creepy by saying: “I know you clicked on the link!” But knowing what links they clicked on can help you focus on those elements that effectively connected with clients to push the sale through.


Better Data Means Better Business

Solutions for Growth provides its clients with custom email reporting. We format the reports so they’re easy to read and understand. We even provide exclusive additional data, like twelve month changes, as well as tables and charts – all designed to help you maximize your email marketing.

Here is the summary section from a one of our client’s reports.

Solutions for Growth Sample Email Report

Call today to let us guide you through this minefield of complex data with a steady and sure hand. We’ll make your email marketing more effective and more valuable for you.

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