December 2014 – How to Connect with Your Customers


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Customers will always seek out great prices, special offers, and top-notch service. That’s a given that most businesses picked up on long ago. Well, at least the ones who wanted to stay in business did.

The internet era has made it easier than ever before for customers to find the lowest price and the best deals; it has also made building and fostering a connection much harder.

Indeed, the internet has depersonalized business to such an extent that customers are seeking to make a connection with the companies they purchase products and services from. Ever wonder why Compaq computers went by the wayside while Apple’s thrived? It’s because Apple was able to attract attention while creating a connection with their customer base.

  • Apple became a “likeable” company by engaging with their customers and anticipating their needs. 
  • The more “likeable” you are, the more likely customers will buy from you!

Making a Connection as the Retailer

Determining how to get attention and create a connection in your business begins by knowing your customers and understanding their needs. This makes How to Connect with Your Customersit possible for you to be proactive in your product offerings, which in turn shows your customers that you have anticipated their needs. This is comforting and encourages them to return the next time they go shopping.

  • Understand customer preferences and satisfy them.
  • Provide access to your product line via a physical location and an online storefront.
  • Make the process of shopping as easy as possible. From pricing to product placement, don’t make your customers search for the products and information they require.
  • Make shopping personal. From store reward cards, to personalized emails notifying customers of special offers, make sure your company gets to know your clients on a first-name basis.

Making a Connection as the Provider of Professional Services

To create a personal connection with clients, start listening to your clients’ needs and proactively responding to them. Large or small, professional service providers should always respond to customer inquiries and complaints rapidly and appropriately. It’s Dale Carnegie 101 and it goes a long way towards ensuring your clients continue to rely upon your services to satisfy their requirements.

  • Hire the right people and train them to correctly deliver your service offerings while adhering to your customer service standards.
  • Make your customers a priority. Follow-up with customers after service has been delivered, and proactively reach out to customers who have not used your services recently.
  • Solicit feedback and act upon it. Send out surveys with incentives to respond. Track this information and adjust your service offerings based on the information you receive.

Connecting in the B2B and B2C Realm

Does this advice differ between B2B and B2C businesses? Absolutely not. It doesn’t matter whether your business caters to soccer moms, busy professionals, or Fortune 500 executives; the advice remains the same:

  • Nurture personal relationships
  • Stay in touch using ongoing communications
  • Present yourself as an expert and provide special experiences

Who are your clients going to want to do business with? Whether they’re other business owners, or regular Joe customers, people will always be attracted to working with businesses they have developed a connection with.

Develop a connection

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