February 2015 – 3 Steps to engage people on your website


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STEP 1: Drive visitors to your website through social media “hooks,” promotions and search engine optimization.  Your website is your most important marketing tool – your online portal to a world of potential customers. It can polish your image or tarnish it; act as a customer magnet or a customer repellant. If you design your site to be a lead acquisition tool, and not merely an online brochure, you’ll be more likely to succeed.

STEP 2: Capture email addresses. One surefire way to do that is by requesting something of value (their email address) by offering something of value (a useful article or report, special offer, free estimate, etc.). When you go to the Solutions for Growth homepage, you’ll see the green button in the top right corner offering an article on how email marketing can help you boost sales.

STEP 3: Communicate and engage your prospects through email newsletters, social media, phone, and direct mail.  The official marketing term is “multi-channel drip campaign,” but all that means is maintaining regular contact with your prospects, because “out of sight” means “out of mind” – especially in today’s message-saturated world. You can’t just keep knocking on their door (or email inbox) without a good reason. That would just be annoying. The recommended strategy: be useful and informative, reinforce your expertise and differentiation with the content you provide.

NEXT: Aim to connect with your prospects offline, with a meeting or phone call.  A great widget can enable this. See it in action by visiting our website. Look for the “Contact” button in the lower right corner – it’s clickable, or slowly rises after a few seconds to invite the visitor to schedule a call time, that is automatically synchronized with my calendar. It has amazing “take” rates because visitors are already interested in your website and it’s a gentle Engage people on your website“nudge” to take the next step. You can use this widget on your website, in emails and even on social media. Watch this short video for more details.

Whether over the phone or in person, this conversation is an opportunity to qualify your prospective customer’s needs and explain how your product or service is the best solution. This is probably the stage of the marketing process with which you are most familiar — so good luck!

Driving potential customers to your website and then capturing  their email address so you can “start the conversation” is the essential online marketing game plan, successfully implemented by companies both large and small.

For example, headphone-maker Beats (owned by Apple) puts its request for email address at the very top – even before the product description!  That’s how critical email address acquisition is.

Plain and simple, building your email list – and then using it as the foundation for a sustained series of marketing messages – will build your business.

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