Grow Trust Through Email

Grow Trust Through Email



Trust is the solid foundation that strong businesses are built upon. Clients who trust your business are more likely to refer their colleagues and business associates to your operations. In the 21st century, trust is an invaluable asset that you should leverage to help your business achieve its goals. A business relationship built on trust creates an opportunity to reach out to and ask your clients for email referrals that can help your business grow trust through email.

When an email marketing agency crafts a message requesting referrals from clients who trust your business, the message has already passed the truth test because the recipient knows that you offer quality services, honest prices, and reliable support. As such, your clients will open the email, read the message, and eagerly provide a referral on your behalf.

Cultivating Referrals


Your customers won’t know that you want their referrals unless you ask them. By asking for their referrals, you strengthen their loyalty to your brand. When you ask for referrals, you signal to them that you value their business, their opinion, and the business contacts they have cultivated through their own operations.

Keep it Simple!

Keep the message simple and to the point. From the subject line to the content, every line should be simple and easy to follow. A clear subject line gets 541% more clicks than one which is clever. That’s because people are inundated with messages; when they see one that’s straight and to the point, it stands out like a neon light.

Examples of subject lines and messages with high open rates include:

“5 Ways Your Business Can Improve Your Email Subject Lines.”  

It’s a good line because the length is defined by the number, and the content is clearly identified. Moreover, it tells the recipient that there is something they can learn by opening the message.

“The Latest Email Marketing Trend: Targeted Subject Lines”  

This subject line creates urgency without causing panic. Everyone wants to be at the forefront, and words like “latest, new, cutting edge,” generate immediate interest. Further, this style tells the reader precisely what content is contained within the email.

Make Action Easy!

The referral process must be easy for the recipient to complete, such as forwarding or supplying contact information. The simpler the action, the more likely the recipient will be to supply a referral.

Your call to action should include a few sentences that discusses the value of your products/services to other companies and industries. Remember, requesting a referral is an opportunity to grow your business in the direction you want, so don’t hesitate to seek targeted referrals based on your goals and objectives.

Offer Incentives!

Give your clients something in return for their referrals. Discounts, promotions, and recognition are powerful motivators. A motivated client is one that is eager to help your business grow because doing so also helps their business.

Follow-up on Referrals

Whether your email generates 10 or 100 referrals, you need to be prepared to follow-up on them before you send the referral request. Having a plan of action in place allows you to take immediate action and “strike while the iron’s hot.” This shows not only that your company is ready to do business, it shows that you are eager to do business.

Solutions for Growth is an email marketing agency that can help you secure more referrals. We can help you seamlessly integrate your email marketing efforts with your services, product offerings, and objectives. We invite you to contact us at 888-840-2595 x1 when you’re ready to discover what an effective email marketing program can do for your business.

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