March 2016 – Print is More Alive Than Ever!

Print is More Alive Than Ever!

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cf366d33-0a56-4eac-8baa-e348b7c2e925Digital communication has taken over, right? Not necessarily, the truth is, print media is just as important as ever. In fact, the goal of most digital communication is to schedule an in-person meeting so that you can meet face-to-face with prospective clients. When that meeting takes place, having hard copies of printed material is essential to making the sale.

Take a Business Card

It is rare to have a business meeting or networking session without the exchange of business cards. Business cards give contacts a tangible link to your business. They are a physical reminder to add you to their contact manager when they return to the office.


Letterhead, Envelopes and Note cards

Professionally designed and printed stationery including letterhead, envelopes, and note cards are wise investments. These are essential for everything from sales pitches and thank-you notes, to invoices and special notifications.


Leave-behind marketing materials including brochures, flyers, fact sheets and price lists to educate prospective customers. You can distribute these before or after meetings, display them in your store or office and at trade shows.

86cafd81-8788-41d6-a091-6a025233a15aCreate materials that are most useful to your prospects like price lists and sales sheets. B2C companies may opt for simple brochures or flyers. Choose what’s best for your business and make sure to keep them handy. You should also create custom folders that you can distribute these materials in. Having folders creates a clean, crisp and professional image of your business; it also provides a simple way for prospective clients to keep all of their information neat and organized.

Professional Print Marketing Tips

To develop smart looking print marketing materials:

  • Include critical contact information in all of your collateral items. Make sure to keep the branding and message consistent so that it solidifies the im693e18f2-43de-4f00-8626-620e74cf3721age of your business and explains how you help clients.
  • Integrate print media with online materials. Again, this helps create consistency. For instance, the “About Us” page on your website should include the same information as your company background sheet.
  • Proofread carefully. All of your print and digital material should be free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors and look sharp and professional.

Stock up. Always have plenty of professionally printed material ready to distribute. Plan ahead for special events, conferences or busy seasonal traffic.

Take a peek at some of the printed material we’ve designed and printed. It may prompt some ideas for you!

Once on the Portfolio page, use the filter to select “Print,” “Mailers” or “Graphic Design”




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