Increasing revenue with upselling and cross-selling

Clients love your products and services. They rely on your business to supply them the support and material that gives their business forward momentum. While this steady flow of business keeps your operations afloat, it’s not moving it forward. If you want to move forward, you need to craft your full service email marketing campaigns so that they induce additional purchases. When it comes to marketing, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity if you are not actively upselling and cross-selling to your existing clientele.

Upselling is the process of selling a larger, different, better product to your clients. It is the process of convincing them to buy a bigger car, a larger mixer, a faster processor. Cross-selling is getting them to buy the ski rack, dough attachment, or larger monitor that will enhance the way they use the products and services they are purchasing.

Upselling Enhances the Value of Your Services
Upselling existing clients is easier than with new clients. That’s because you can rely on an established relationship that’s built upon trust and reliability. Upselling cashes in on this relationship. Not only do your clients know you, but you know your clients. This makes it possible for you to assess their operations and offer them larger products or services, or even added features that they may not be aware you offer. By showing your clients the value these offerings bring to their operations, they will be inclined to pay close attention to what you have to say.

Cross-Selling is Match Making
If you buy wine, you need a corkscrew. If you have an open bottle of wine, you will need a glass, and then you will need a table to put it on. Cross-selling connects the dots and making these connections. It’s easy to do and all it requires is looking at a client’s purchases and pairing them with purchases that pair perfectly  Full service email marketing takes these dots and connects them in such a way that the recipient can see how additional products and services relate to their existing purchases. Cross-selling is filling in the blanks within the canvas of your client’s business. It’s a process where you anticipate their needs and offer them additional services, add-ons, warranties, and enhanced packages. In turn, these enhancements markedly increase the value of the client’s purchase.

Making it Work
Upselling and Cross-selling require that you know your product and that you have a deep understanding of your customer’s needs. Investing the time to thoroughly research your client’s businesses is essential. It is valuable endeavor that will help you better understand their present needs, anticipate their future needs, and help you determine the best ways for you to meet them.

Your email marketing campaigns should be crafted so that product knowledge and customer needs take center stage. These should be delivered so that clients can see how the products and your services benefit their business objectives. To that end, your messages should not only focus on the present, they should be crafted so that they show the long-term benefit down the road.

Finally, always remember that clients will be watching their budget closely. Thus, it is essential that your full service email marketingefforts give them solid reasons to open their wallet a little wider. The better and more substantiated your reasons, and the better you are at conveying them, the more effective your upselling and cross-selling efforts will become.

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