Even in today's digital age, a business card is an absolute requirement. Some companies use a DIY template to save time and money, while others add every possible bell and whistle, but ultimately, does the business card "work?"

June 2016 – Is Your Business Card Ready For Business?

Is Your Business Card Ready For Business?

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Even in today’s digital age, a business card is an absolute requirement. Some companies use a DIY template to 55516729-9c0f-4d4d-afbe-88d168124387save time and money, while others add every possible bell and whistle, but ultimately, does the business card “work?”

Here are some points to consider to ensure your business card is ready for business.


Standard size is 3.5 x 2 inches. Anything else will annoy people because it will not fit in holders, will get lost or will be tossed.

15117cd6-7429-4955-b578-fb492e8e40fbUse the back of the card

Maximize the full “real estate” of the card. The back of the card is an ideal place to list your products or services, prices, testimonial, other addresses…anything else you want others to know about your company.


Ever try to write on a glossy item? It’s not possible. This prevents people from writing notes on your card. Use a matte finish.


Match the card to your website. Branding consistency is key to presenting yourself as professional and established.

Fonts and colors

Keep it simple. More is not better.


Plastic, transparent, holes, holograms, flaps. Too much! Keep it simple and not distracting.


All your contact information must be included. List your social media address only if you’re hard to find (John Smith).

Social media icons

They are not clickable. If you want to list your social media links, that’s fine. No need for the platform’s icon.

Having cards with you

Make sure you have some with you. Always. Put some in your car’s glove compartment.

13146ab4-1ccb-4f4c-be57-5207b002325dHigh quality stock

Don’t DIY or save $5 for the thinner paper. Splurge on the higher quality card stock and professional printing.

What do you do?

Some company names do not indicate what they do. Put a tagline or description of what you do.

Low resolution logo

Use a high-resolution logo to ensure it does not print pixelated.

Free or low-cost business cards

29f1133d-2898-4b1f-883e-51fe2868994ePrinter’s name on the card in return for free cards. Really?

Finally, make sure those business cards are put to work! Take them everywhere and make sure you stash some in your car and at home.

Yes, we design and print business cards!

Take a peek at the

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