Building a Brand, One Email at a Time

Brand awareness. It’s the key to business longevity and it takes time to build, and dedication to nurture so that it grows stronger the longer you are in operation. An email marketing agency can use a variety of methods to build your brand so that customers recognize your products and services, and associate positive attributes such as reliability, quality, and price point at the very mention of your name.

Building brand awareness begins by reiterating your brand name whenever possible. From the “from” field of the email, to the closing line of the message, keeping your brand’s name in front of the customer is essential to creating continued recognition. The greater your brand’s reputation, the more significant the impact of this strategy.

Of course, a name is just a shell. It’s a nameless skeleton that people find it hard to associate with. However, if you affiliate your brand with a name, then people build a personal connection with the public face of the brand. For instance, Steve Jobs and Apple, or Bill Gates and Microsoft. Thus, your “from” line and contact line should include the name of the public face you want your brand to have. This works even if it’s an imaginary persona, such as the Maytag Man, or Mr. Clean.

Another element of creating brand awareness is how you choose to frame your message. Most companies decide to stay within the parameters of their respective industries. This involves using language and imagery that “fit” the market you operate within. It’s a safe strategy, and highly effective at creating an image that “fits the mold.” However, some companies choose to buck the trend and reap enormous results in the process. The Geico Gecko is an excellent example of this. The little green lizard born from a bit of word play now sells insurance with wit and wisdom in what’s become a stunning international marketing success story.

In addition to symbolism and message, it’s imperative to choose the appropriate lingo. Taglines and a catchphrase or two can carry your business a long way. The right ones can continue to represent the brand long after the campaigns have shifted and moved on. For instance, solutions for “Where’s the beef?” hasn’t been used by Wendy’s since the mid-1980’s, yet nearly 30 years after it last aired on the television, consumers continue to recite it and associate it with the Wendy’s promise of higher quality burgers than their competitors.

Finally, it is important to be patient when building brand awareness. Like a fine wine, it takes time to mature. When it comes to building brand awareness through and email marketing agency, slow and steady wins the race every time. It requires crafting a plan and taking incremental steps towards the ultimate image you want to create. By consistently deploying messages that build this image over time, you create a solid foundation beneath the brand that can support it through changing market conditions and customer needs. Indeed, a solid brand image creates a sense of comfort and trust that your company can rely on to carry it through whatever changes may be down the road.

Solutions for Growth is a full-service email marketing agency that can help you create the brand awareness your business desires. From the message and the images you want to include, to the deployment and scheduling, we invite you to contact us at 888-840-2595 to learn more about what we can do to help your company achieve its marketing goals.

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