September 2016 – Why Should I Pay Attention to You?

Why Should I Pay Attention to You?

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Yes, that’s a real question – a really important question – and one that requires a good answer.

Working with hundreds of small businesses I’ve noticed that most are quite good at what they do. Whether it’s tattooing, installing oilfield equipment or pract7a1338f8-35b1-4185-9076-f1b0ef347616icing pediatric dentistry, they are experts in their fields.

But how do you get the prospect to pay attention to YOU? You can’t say I’m the best real estate attorney in Sacramento” because it’s too self-serving and may be a turnoff to you listener (and oh, by the way, it violates the ethics rules).

What you need to do is capture the attention by giving something in return that demonstrates your expertise.

Free, valuable content – yes, that’s how you set yourself apart. Let’s take the example of a real estate attorney whose target is landlords. 7420de67-3133-48be-b4b6-431f8cc46247By publishing an article titled “3 Ways to Get Your Tenants to Pay on Time” – most of the landlord prospects that get referred to him will read that, and logically assume that this person is an expert in her field. While reading that document the attorney presents herself as an expert, develops a relationship and creates a subtle sense of obligation on the reader’s part to more seriously consider her.

Content of value helps prospects evaluate you further.

The attorneys that are not offering this content are at a disadvantage, they are simply hoping that their “brochure” website with a phone number or contact form will prompt a prospect to reach out. They are not answering the “why should I pay attention to you?” question.b8b493b2-bdff-4577-a8df-66900992cec2

Free, well written content acts as a magnet and sets you apart from the competition. The content can be articles, newsletters, presentations, diagrams, checklists, podcasts – anything your market craves and presents you as an expert.

Being good at what you do is important, but you also need to create a connection with prospects by generously sharing your knowledge! 

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