October 2016 – Avoid These 10 Scary Marketing Mistakes

Avoid These 10 Scary Marketing Mistakes

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SCARY Marketing? Yes, it exists.

Scary marketing is ineffective marketing…

and there are blatant mistakes that make the marketing SCARY!

  1. Missing a call to action – what do you want people to do once they read your offer?
  2. Too much or too little copy – overwhelming the reader or not providing enough information reduces response rates.
  3. Missing contact information – phone, address, email, web address. Without those, people will not contact you.
  4. F4765d3a2-d62b-4501-8c75-a5c55e8c2899onts – more is not better! Keep it simple and easy to read.
  5. Using only one marketing tool – diversify your marketing tools to attract people who respond to different tools and messages.
  6. Selling too hard – nobody likes a pushy salesperson.
  7. Typos – need I say more?
  8. Pictures – stock images – meh. Real images – better.ee39ce82-15d1-4df9-a4ee-ff541a70f676
  9. Doing the same thing over and over – will reduce response.
  10. Website – as your number 1 tool, it must be excellent and easily viewed on a mobile device.

Need help making sure your marketing is not scary?

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