December 2016 – Does Your Website Have A Nice Home?

As small business owners, we don’t think about website hosting until something bad happens, but we should. The last headache you need is a crashed or hacked website.


There are three major parts that make a website work:

  1. The website name – the “domain” – the online address (
  2. The hosting company – the “building” where the website lives
  3. The site content – what a viewer sees – the images and text

Let’s focus on #2. What is a host?

A website host is the company that rents the space where your website lives. Your website sits on a section of a computer. That computer is the host server. The server is the computer that “serves” the site content to visitors.

Without a website host, your website would have no presence and anyone who types in your domain name, would get an error message.

Clearly, the company you choose to host your website is important. When everything’s running right, the website host is transparent and you don’t think about it.

But the moment there is a problem – the hosting company becomes an important piece of the puzzle in getting your website back up and running.

Regardless of what type of website you have, a hosting company is critically important; you want to host your website with a reputable provider and with virus and hacking protection. 

There are many website hosting companies that offer all kinds of services and choosing the right one can be confusing.

For instance a simple decision like “paying for higher speed hosting” might appear like a small factor, but in fact it is a key contributor to making sure the user experience for your site is good.

Not only is the user experience important, but the load speed of the website is part of Google’s algorithm that determines your website’s ranking. The faster the speed, the better the ranking.

Our team helps you understand how to handle your website hosting needs. You need to make sure your website is built on solid ground, is protected, is easily found and makes your visitors happy.


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