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Benefits of the Every Door Direct Mail Program

In this short video, learn about the post office’s Every Door Direct Mail Program and how you can select specific carrier routes to assure a thorough coverage of a geographic area. This type of strategy works very well for local businesses such as dental practices, restaurants, retailers and professional services like accounting and legal firms. Click here…

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Yes, Most Marketing Messages Are Ignored

You’re probably wondering, well, I delete most of my emails. Yup. An important concept in marketing: the vast majority of marketing messages are ignored, thrown out, destroyed, right? When you get the mail from your mailbox, you go in front of the garbage and you go “no, no, no, oh, this is interesting!” What that…

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Website Functionality: vCita.com

Last week we shared some of our thoughts regarding website tools such as vCita, which allow us to add functionality to a website, such as: Display an interactive online event calendar Accept credit card payments online Share contacts, manage a team calendar Promote a business with a mobile-friendly page Manage clients with an online CRM…

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How Often Should I Email?

how often

Although it is true that the more you communicate with your prospects, the more business you will do with them, that truth is surrounded by a raft of must-dos, should-dos, caveats and possible missteps. You don’t want to overdo it and drive them away and you don’t want to “under-do” it and not get the…

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The Power of the Inbox

January 24, 2017, 7:30pm – 9:00pm Lewisboro Library 15 Main Street South Salem, NY 10590 Link to event

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Comments On Your Website… Should You Allow Them or Not?

Colored Pencils

Comments can be a real asset on your website. If you decide to allow comments you will inevitably see some spam. Spam is part of the internet landscape, but there are some simple and important things you can do to minimize the effect. But this does not mean you shouldn’t consider allowing comments – in…

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