Tools & Technology for Marketing

A reason Solutions for Growth likes working with WordPress (our website platform of choice) is that it is very flexible and allows us to add functionality easily – it is integration friendly – it plays well with other programs. As a matter of fact, Solutions for Growth uses a number of additional software packages that work inside our WordPress website and one of them is…
vCita – it powers the scheduling and phone calling functions that you’ve seen on our site.
Going with an established company in this space also helps instill confidence it’ll work as advertised. vCita is a leader in web engagement software designed for small businesses, and incentivizes your online visitors to interact with your web site, driving more opportunities from the web, mobile, email and social media channels.  The vCita Platform includes messaging, self-service scheduling and online payments via any device, anytime, from anywhere. vCita increases the effectiveness of your web presence. vCita allows us to add all sort of functions to a web site, including:
  • Event registration & classes: Display an interactive online event calendar and let clients register and pay for events and classes online.
  • Online payments & invoicing: Accept credit card payments online, create and email invoices and track your income with a centralized dashboard.
  • Team collaboration: Share contacts, manage a team calendar with an admin view and assign client requests and follow-ups to staff.
  • Your business page: Promote your business with a beautiful, mobile-friendly page to showcase your services and engage your clients.
  • Mobile CRM: Manage clients with an online CRM or mobile app, respond to requests when on-the-go and initiate new interactions.
  • Customizable forms: Create forms for clients to fill in on your website and social, automatically saving client information in your CRM.
  • Document sharing: Privately share files with specific clients within a personalized portal and ask clients to upload and share their documents.
  • Notifications & reminders: Reduce no-shows and minimize the back-and-forth communication of scheduling, billing and reminders.

Vcita allows us to supercharge the way a website performs and its sales value, so Click here to set up a call with me to discuss how we can add this important functionality to your website.

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