Why Does Video Work?

Why Does Video Work?

One reason that video works, is because it’s entertaining.

We all or many of us spend a big part of the day staring at a screen with a lot of words and a lot of numbers and the mind looks for entertainment. And part of the reason why video is successful whether it’s in an email or on a website or on social media is that it gives you – when the video is short, a little break – it’s a mental vacation from whatever you’re doing.

It could be something entertaining, it could be something serious, but those 20 to 30 seconds where there is another human being talking about something that is probably somewhat relevant to you, works because it’s a break from what you’re doing.

So, when you follow best practices and rules of thumb in the creation of the video and in the marketing of the video, now all of a sudden that is a tool that starts standing out from the other messages that you find online and allows your organization to stand apart from others and raise your profile in the market.

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