Website Analytics

Part of what makes Solutions for Growth client websites work well for our clients is our understanding of analytics. We see everything, but we only focus on the most important measurement criteria – because, as our smartphones have taught us, it’s easy to be distracted from what matters most.

“Clicks and Likes” are not the same as the ring of a cash register, and so we focus on the important things that give us insights. Local search analytics help us make informed decisions about how we should be marketing our clients’ businesses and budgets.

We like Single Platform, a leader in the “local search” field. Single Platform provides all of the analytical information that a website owner needs to make decisions on how and where to spend their budget and put their attention towards. Single Platform is easy to set up and use and additionally it allows the website owner to “hyper-localize” and focus their marketing activities on very specific geographic locations – very important to form many small businesses that rely on a local customer base.

Easy-to-read reports make it simple to understand how and where consumers are looking at your business online. You can track number of views, mobile vs. desktop traffic, and where people view your site with a map view.

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