21 Tips to Make Sure Your Emails Are Opened and Read

At nearly every speaking engagement, I am asked questions about how to use email marketing effectively. Here are a few best practices that we use with programs we manage for our clients.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions, I am here to help.

  1. Keep subject line and content short and sweet
  2. Use a familiar sender’s name
  3. Use personalization
  4. Be descriptive
  5. Segment your lists
  6. Don’t make grand promises
  7. Be clear what’s inside
  8. Be timely
  9. Be concise, use clear language
  10. Use action oriented words/verbs
  11. Treat your recipients so they feel special
  12. Create urgency in your message
  13. Use numbers, facts and data
  14. Ask a relevant or compelling question
  15. USE ALL CAPS very carefully, if at all
  16. Do not overuse exclamation points!!!
  17. Carefully and wisely use Emojis – if at all
  18. Add preview text
  19. A/B test subject lines
  20. Use geo-location to increase personalization
  21. Be visually different

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