Where is the best spot to place a “Call to Action” (CTA) button in an email?

Calls to Action (CTA’s) – what you want your reader to do (Call, Click, Write, etc.). They make it easy for readers to engage and interact with your email.

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), these are the building blocks for a call to action that takes a reader through a series of linear steps on their way to making a decision to take action. Can be anything, from “ask for a quote,” to “click here,” to “visit our store” or even “forward this to a friend.”

Emails present marketers with a lot of opportunities to embed CTA’s but it is important to not overdo it and present a reader with a ton of buttons all over the layout (it’s obnoxious and messy).  In longer emails that are broken out into sections, consider using a different CTA for each section, making it easy for the reader to interact with that specific content.

One of the best ways to make sure you are doing the best job possible with your placement of CTA’s in an email is to do some A/B testing where you try a limited number of optional placements then measure how each performed.

Make sure your CTA’s are above the fold and again towards the end of the email. Make sure CTA’s are not buried in a visually busy area.

In summary:

Be clear in what you are asking your reader to do and why you are asking them to do it. Also let them know what they will get if they comply with your CTA and follow through.

  • Consider testing where you place your CTA’s
  • Make sure you incorporate the rules of AIDA into your email to incentivize the CTA
  • Don’t use too many different CTA’s – it’s confusing and a turn off
  • Use different CTA’s throughout the content in longer emails

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