Are Your Competitors Following Your Moves “A Little Too Closely?”

In this super-connected day and age where everyone can see what everyone else is doing and a business’ every move is scrutinized by its competitors – how can you keep from getting copied and emulated?

Well, unless you have deep pockets and have a penchant for legal battles, you do what Solutions for Growth does – you chalk it up to a job well done and keep moving ahead and innovating. Our job as marketers is to keep looking ahead and to tell our story in as straight forward and compelling a way as possible, and so that is what we do – and it is what we encourage our clients to do too.

You have a choice, you can spend your time looking back and getting angry at copycats, or you can use your energy in a positive and productive manner – which is what we do. Copycats simply push us harder to be better!


Give me a call at 888-840-2595 x1, if you’d like help staying one step ahead of those pesky “cats.”

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