7 Reasons Why Your Website Should be a WordPress Website

Odds are you already have a website. Every business, no matter what size, should have a website. However, you may not be using WordPress, which means that you’re missing out on a ton of functionality.WordPress Website Templates

Even if you are using WordPress, your site may have been set up a while ago, in which case there’s a chance that it no longer holds up to contemporary website design. Not to mention, there may be newer features that you want to implement.

Why You Should Use WordPress

The importance of a company website cannot be overstated – the look and function of your site provide the all-important first impression on potential customers and prospects. An unattractive website will reflect poorly on your business, which is why you should either switch to a WordPress site or have your current WordPress site updated.

Here are some reasons why a WordPress site will be so much more effective:

  1. WordPress is easy to use – There’s a reason why WordPress is used for almost 75 million websites, making it the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. Once a WordPress site is set up, it’s easy to maintain. This makes it easy for anyone to update the site.
  2. WordPress sites look professional – Visitors will not take you seriously if your site looks amateurish. WordPress makes it easy to make your website look professional because it provides thousands of professionally designed templates. 
  3. WordPress sites are highly customizable – Besides the fact that there are thousands of templates to choose from, there are also thousands of plugins that you can add. Plugins are pieces of software that add functionality or new features to your site to offer a user experience that is unique to your website.
  4. WordPress sites are mobile-friendly – A mobile-friendly site is an absolute must these days. Just consider how many people browse the web from their smartphones. Additionally, small businesses rely on SEO to attract nearby customers. If your site’s not mobile-friendly, then your local SEO efforts will perform poorly. All the WordPress websites we build are designed to be responsive, which means that they are mobile-friendly.
  5. WordPress sites are open source – Open source means users get a ton of flexibility. You’ll be able to use plugins from third parties and can even host your WordPress site anywhere you want.
  6. Using WordPress costs less – A WordPress site costs less than other open source CMS options, such Drupal, Joomla or do-it-yourself tools, such as Squarespace and Wix – especially when you take into account the long-term costs associated with maintaining those types of sites. 
  7. WordPress is SEO friendly – SEO is a vital part of marketing your business online, and WordPress sites make it easy to implement SEO. WordPress sites make it easy to publish content (WordPress started off as a blog platform, after all), they boast SEO-friendly website structures (making it easy for Google to crawl it) and they make it easy to use Google Analytics to track SEO performance.

These are just some of the reasons that you should be using a WordPress site for your small business. WordPress sites will help to create a much stronger impression of your business that can help you to potentially attract more leads, which in turn can result in more sales.

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