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Direct mail is dead

Mailbox for direct mail

Yeah, right! If direct mail was dead your mailbox would not be overflowing with mail every day! When a business keeps using a marketing tool, it’s because it works.

You know what it’s like. You get the mail, there is a bill, a letter and several other pieces from businesses offering their services or products. You then sort the mail over the garbage BUT WAIT, this one postcard for the rug cleaning offer, or the low cost commercial loan are interesting. And you keep those mail pieces so you can call those businesses or check out their website.

So, yes, most mail ends up in the garbage…but when running a direct mail program (like any other marketing program), it’s a game of numbers. For example, in direct mail, a 1% response rate is great! That means that 99% of the mail is ignored. And that 1% is enough to cover the investment in the mail program and develop profitable sales.

There is also the important concept of branding and integration. Perhaps the recipient of that mail piece did not call you immediately, but when the mail piece is part of a comprehensive marketing plan that includes other touch points (email, print ads, Facebook ads, and 20 other options), the prospect notices your company and eventually, will decide to contact you.

As much as digital marketing permeates our lives, nothing beats a concrete item sitting on your desk or posted on a fridge. It’s there, it reminds you and “works” to let you know that it’s time to have your teeth…or your office rugs cleaned.

Here are 3 tips for a successful direct mail program:

1 – Decide if you’re going to use your list, rent a list or mail to a complete carrier route, zip code or neighborhood
a – This is the most important decision, as the list or target area account for 60% of the results
b – In other words – you could have the best offer and creative in the world, but if you’re targeting the wrong people, it won’t work

2 – What is your offer?
a – What are you offering in return for the action you want people to take?
b – Typically, an offer is made (discount, free trial, etc.) to get a business or consumer to contact you

3 – What format does the mail piece have and what how is the design perceived?
a -There are many options here, from postcards to letters, packages and catalogs
b – Your type of company and offer will typically drive the format of the mail piece

There are many choices when developing a direct mail program – all opportunities to create a highly effective marketing campaign…or easy to make mistakes.

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