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The tools you need to attract, nurture and win customers

Marketing today has changed quite a bit.

To sell your product or service you probably aren’t going door to door asking if people are interested in what you have to offer. You’re likely not setting up a store and hoping people will just walk in to buy your product. Nor are you putting up a giant billboard telling people to call you when they have a minute.

For nearly every product or service, today’s buying process has shifted to a three-phase journey:  

1 – Attract

2 – Nurture

3 – Close



Customers today like doing research themselves; it gives them a sense of empowerment.

They have access to Google and all the information they want is at their fingertips. Prospects want to mull over buying decisions on their own.  

By understanding this shift you can build an integrated marketing strategy that appeals to the buyer.

1 – Attract

The first step is attracting potential customers.  

A great place to start is Google. Someone interested in your product or service is going to simply look it up! This is where SEO ranking, and Google Ads come into play. Using these tools can direct more traffic to your website.

What happens once the prospect sees your website?  

Once they find you, they immediately want to know more. What exactly does your business do? Are you the right fit? Why work with you at all?  

Try to glean some information about the prospective customer. Capture information from the prospect such as their email address and then ask them what services they’re interested in. If you think these questions are intrusive, fear not.

Think about it. If you were browsing a site for information, curious about a business and their offerings, wouldn’t you want to provide contact details to learn more?  

Prospects today recognize this and understand that providing this information is going to help them make a better buying decision, or reveal a discount.  

Use forms to have visitors share their information with you, or set up a call scheduling tool or web chat on your website.  

These are all different ways you can learn more about your prospects, makes it easy to communicate and develop the trust they seek before buying.

2 – Nurture

You’ve gathered information about your visitors, and you’re just sitting there hoping they reach out?  

Not quite. The next step is to nurture those leads. Carefully, logically, you can reach out to leads through email, phone, direct mail and social media.  

Stay in touch with your leads while they’re in this information gathering phase.  

The goal is to provide value and differentiate yourself to demonstrate why your business is right for them.

3 – Win

The third and final step is to win the customer and close the deal.  

After nurturing your lead for a period of time, you ultimately want them to become a customer.  

The tactics used for this are driven by your website and further email nurturing and could include social media and the phone.  

There should be multiple places that make it easy for leads to reach out via a form to buy your product or schedule a call with you.  

The easier it is for that process to happen, the more likely it is that you’ll have a customer.

In marketing, all of these concepts and tools working together generate new business. One marketing tool alone won’t have a dramatic impact on sales, but multiple, used in a strategic way, will drive success.

At Solutions for Growth, developing a strategy and messaging and then advising which tools to use is what we excel at.

Reach out today to give your business the attract-nurture-win edge you need to succeed.