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How to Improve Your Marketing Before Next Quarter

Like most businesses, you have several tools working together. But when was the last time you considered updating, tweaking and refining them?

Great marketing requires the use of multiple tools in expert fashion to achieve real results. Using tools like email marketing, social media, direct mail and paid advertising in conjunction with one another is your best bet to meet your goals. 

Marketing is easy to do, but hard to do well.

You need to start with a plan. Maybe you have a few tools running—haphazardly. Maybe there are a few tools working well, but others have fallen off of your radar. A plan needs to be put in place that first identifies where your buyers are, and from there a strategy can be developed to determine which tools will work best.

Think about what makes you different.

A great place to start this strategy and process is to think about your positioning. Tied to your value proposition, your marketing efforts need to explain to your prospects both why you are great at what you do, but more importantly, explain what makes you different.Your website copy may speak to the benefits your business provides, but it also needs to set you apart.

A good example of this problem is saying: “We’ve been in business since 1928,” when really your prospect cares more about how you can help them with their needs.

You must be customer-centric and it starts with your website . Always be thinking about your customers’ pain points—put yourself in their shoes and think about why they might be searching for your product or service.

Your website is the face of your business

Your website is your #1 marketing tool. It speaks volumes about your credibility, approach to doing business and sets the tone and style to potential customers.Solutions for Growth can revise your existing website, or build something entirely new (if that’s what you need). Using our Local Advantage system of integrated marketing tools, we can work together to identify ways to increase conversion on your new website. Other proven tools include live chat, email capturing techniques, call schedulers and ads that target your specific audience. 

Marketing is ongoing

Your marketing can’t be something you think about only in Q1, or when you have time. It needs to be a series of tactics working together—it’s ongoing. Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking about your business, so you need to remind the market that you exist. Monthly or quarterly newsletters, digital ads, organic search and email nurturing are just some of the ways to do this. 

Not sure where to start? We can help

The first step is to review your current marketing efforts to see how to make your marketing more effective. 

Schedule a call , and let’s put in place meaningful marketing for the rest of the year. 

Local Advantage is Solutions for Growth's system of integrated marketing tools to get more leads, nurture them and turn them into customers and clients in Westchester NY
Local Advantage is Solutions for Growth’s system of integrated marketing tools to get more leads, nurture them and turn them into customers and clients in Westchester NY

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