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The Power of Google Reviews

Reviews are essential for any business to thrive since they create your online reputation.    Whether that’s a word-of-mouth recommendation of a new restaurant, or online reviews that help you decide which CPA to use – reviews are living proof that someone else thought highly (or not) of your business.   Google finds reviews  so important…

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Staying Relevant: the Where and When of Advertising

The message or offer you communicate to your clients can seem like the most important part of an advertisement, right?  That is a logical thought as the first place to start, but with experience, my team has learned that when crafting marketing messages, you don’t always want to start with the what.   Ask yourself where…

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Why I did not buy a ski jacket

I love to ski. It ‘s one of my favorite things to do in the winter here in the northeast, and I ‘m currently in the market for a new ski jacket. Like many this time of year, online shopping is my go-to option to find a new product I ‘m looking for. I ended up David skiing on a leading ski brand outerwear ‘s website and started perusing what they had.

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Direct mail is dead

Mailbox for direct mail

If direct mail was dead your mailbox would not be overflowing with mail every day! When a business keeps using a marketing tool, it’s because it works.

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How many customers did you lose?

Customer churn

Did you lose clients this month? What about the past 12 months? It’s normal to lose some customers as their needs change, but more concerning is when they no longer see the value in what you offer. Customer churn is the percentage of customers that leave your business. It’s calculated by taking the number of…

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CORRECTION is not a marketing strategy

Marketing Mistake

Welcome to a new blog post series called Missed Opportunities. Every so often, I’ll share a personal anecdote where a business could have done something brilliant from a marketing perspective — but didn’t quite reach that goal. I’ll unpack how they missed their goal, why that matters, and how they could improve on it going…

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