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The tools you need to attract, nurture and win customers

Marketing today has changed quite a bit. To sell your product or service you probably aren’t going door to door asking if people are interested in what you have to offer. You’re likely not setting up a store and hoping people will just walk...
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6 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Emails

  The average open rate for marketing emails is in the mid-teens. This is just one more reason it’s important to craft smart, strategic emails that bring value to your reader. People are busy – they don’t have lots of time, so your...
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What is a Smart Way to Layout Your Homepage?

When designing your website’s homepage, which elements should be listed first? What is the importance of describing your company’s mission clearly? Find out the answer in this short video…
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Welcome to a blog post series called Missed Opportunities. Every so often, I’ll share a personal anecdote where a business could have done something brilliant from a marketing perspective — but didn’t quite reach that goal. I’ll...
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Staying Relevant: the Where and When of Advertising

The message or offer you communicate to your clients can seem like the most important part of an advertisement, right?  That is a logical thought as the first place to start, but with experience, my team has learned that when crafting marketing messages,...
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What Name Should Appear in the From Field of Your Emails

When you send out your email messages and newsletters, what name appears in the from field? Is it your company name? Is it your personal name? Find out the answer in this short video…
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Why I did not buy a ski jacket

I love to ski. It ‘s one of my favorite things to do in the winter here in the northeast, and I ‘m currently in the market for a new ski jacket. Like many this time of year, online shopping is my go-to option to find a new product I ‘m looking for....
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What is the ideal layout and information for a postcard?

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How many customers did you lose?

Did you lose clients this month? What about the past 12 months? It’s normal to lose some customers as their needs change, but more concerning is when they no longer see the value in what you offer. Customer churn is the percentage of customers that...
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CORRECTION is not a marketing strategy

Welcome to a new blog post series called Missed Opportunities. Every so often, I’ll share a personal anecdote where a business could have done something brilliant from a marketing perspective — but didn’t quite reach that goal. I’ll unpack...
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5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity with a Well-Organized Email Inbox

Advantages of Keeping Your Inbox Organized Email has become an indispensable communication tool. We rely on it for a variety of purposes on both a personal and professional level. In our current digital age, electronic contact is the lifeblood by which...
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The Importance of Diversifying Your Marketing

There are many different ways to market your business. Some strategies are going to suit you better than others, especially when it comes to the type of business you run. However, it’s important not to limit yourself to one or two marketing strategies....
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How should I send a video through email?

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How do I use email newsletters to grow referrals?

When it comes to online marketing, many businesses make the mistake of thinking that their job is done once they’ve closed a sale. However, those leads that become customers are incredibly valuable to your business – and not just because they’re...
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Don’t only send cards in December

Holiday cards and greetings. What makes sense for your business?
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How colors impact the way your logo is perceived

Use color to communicate about your brand personality. Trust, confidence…
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How your Authentic Self helps you stand apart from larger companies

Small businesses have advantages. Learn what they are and highlight them…
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Best practices for an email signature block

Learn the key components for your email signature block.
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I Unsubscribed from 2 Email Newsletters

Best practices to ensure a high open rate and a low unsubscribe (opt-out) rate.
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In marketing, which is more important: the list, the offer, or the creative?

In direct marketing there are three specific elements that make up the success of a campaign: the list, the offer and the creative. But which of the ingredients is most important? Designers will say: “it is the appearance and design of the communication...
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3 Tips to Make Your Business Cards More Effective

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How much time and effort should I put into my marketing?

I think you agree, marketing takes a lot of time and effort: it’s a pretty safe statement. I spend a lot of time talking with business owners and entrepreneurs and one of the things I hear frequently, is that “they don’t have time” to allocate...
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How to collect email addresses from your website visitors

Email addresses of interested, engaged, qualified prospects are as valuable as gold to any small business. In this brief 1-minute video I explain a few different ways in how you can obtain and collect email addresses from your website visitors.
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Where is the best spot to place a “Call to Action” (CTA) button in an email?

Calls to Action (CTA’s) – what you want your reader to do (Call, Click, Write, etc.). They make it easy for readers to engage and interact with your email. AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), these are the building blocks for a call...
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How to Use Video for Marketing

Please watch this video where I talk about how video marketing works, and why it works so well. Please excuse the length (11min), It’s a little longer than our usual content, but I share some good information about how to get going and incorporate video...
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Should I use my own content for a Newsletter?

Short answer, if you can – yes. 78% of Internet users conduct product research online. Most of this starts out as information gathering. Few people know exactly what product or service they are looking for and even fewer have a specific brand or company...
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How Email Marketing Helps Increase Revenues

Watch this brief video where I discuss how email marketing helps increase bottom line revenue by increasing awareness of your business.
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Content Marketing – What is it? How important is it? How do I do it?

I recently spoke with a prospective client about sales. I heard their frustration on the phone. The conversation covered a lot of ground but part of it went like this…. “You’re out there working hard, doing your best, trying to stand out…...
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Which Marketing Channel is Most Effective

Please watch this video where I talk about which marketing channels are most effective.
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Are Your Competitors Following Your Moves “A Little Too Closely?”

In this super-connected day and age where everyone can see what everyone else is doing and a business’ every move is scrutinized by its competitors – how can you keep from getting copied and emulated? Well, unless you have deep pockets and have a...
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21 Tips to Make Sure Your Emails Are Opened and Read

At nearly every speaking engagement, I am asked questions about how to use email marketing effectively. Here are a few best practices that we use with programs we manage for our clients. As always, please contact me if you have any questions, I am here...
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Coping with Marketing Challenges

In this quick video, I describe some of the things that a smart marketer considers before investing in marketing. I hope you will join me at our next event to ask questions and hear firsthand how businesses like yours are coping with marketing challenges.
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How to Improve Your Profile in the Market

As a public presenter, I am often asked, “do you take your own advice in terms of marketing?” Well, that’s a great question because as you’ve noticed many marketing companies have conveniently succumbed to the “cobblers’ shoes” syndrome...
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How Do I Raise My Profile In the Market?

In this 1 minute video, learn how simple it is to raise and improve your profile in the market. We said simple, we didn’t say – easy!
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Analytics – What is Needed?

Understanding many of the things that are part of the modern Marketing mix can get overwhelming to a small business owner. We get asked lots of questions and one I’ve been hearing over and over is – what is the story with “analytics”. In...
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Website Analytics

Part of what makes Solutions for Growth client websites work well for our clients is our understanding of analytics. We see everything, but we only focus on the most important measurement criteria – because, as our smartphones have taught us, it’s...
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Do I Need a Brochure?

Do I need a brochure? In short, the answer is definitely. Brochures  are hard and steadfast non-negotiable requirements for any business that sell products or services. A brochure “speaks” for you when you’re not there to explain...
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David Fischer Interview on Marketing on a Budget

I was invited to talk at a Small Business event and during this interview, I shared an overview of how smaller business and organizations can approach marketing with a budget-oriented approach.   In the session I break down and explain some of the...
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Benefits of the Every Door Direct Mail Program

In this short video, learn about the post office’s Every Door Direct Mail Program and how you can select specific carrier routes to assure a thorough coverage of a geographic area. This type of strategy works very well for local businesses...
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How Email Marketing Helps Increase Revenue and Awareness of Your Business

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What is Email Marketing

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How To Collect Email Addresses From Your Website

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Yes, Most Marketing Messages Are Ignored

You’re probably wondering, well, I delete most of my emails. Yup. An important concept in marketing: the vast majority of marketing messages are ignored, thrown out, destroyed, right? When you get the mail from your mailbox, you go in front of the garbage...
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Website Functionality:

Last week we shared some of our thoughts regarding website tools such as vCita, which allow us to add functionality to a website, such as: Display an interactive online event calendar Accept credit card payments online Share contacts, manage a team calendar...
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How Often Should I Email?

Although it is true that the more you communicate with your prospects, the more business you will do with them, that truth is surrounded by a raft of must-dos, should-dos, caveats and possible missteps. You don’t want to overdo it and drive them away...
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Comments On Your Website… Should You Allow Them or Not?

Comments can be a real asset on your website. If you decide to allow comments you will inevitably see some spam. Spam is part of the internet landscape, but there are some simple and important things you can do to minimize the effect. But this does not...
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Postcards – Marketing Winner or Wasteful?

Postcards, whether you love them or not, are a marketing tool that is understandable and low cost. Postcards are a universal media, they work in both B2C and B2B circumstances. Postcards are good for quickly delivering a call to action to take advantage...
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4 Crucial Components of an Email Marketing Campaign

4 Crucial Components of an Email Marketing Campaign
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WordPress Hosting Specialists

Where you host your website is not a sexy or often considered aspect of your company’s marketing and operations plan – but nonetheless it is very important and should be considered as carefully as any other operational part of your business. Security...
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Why Should I Use an Email Service Provider?

From the outside looking in, email seems to be a straightforward way to connect with your prospective customers. Buy a list of “names” from an online broker, write some copy, add a picture, a special discount offer, a logo and a website address and...
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Why Does Video Work?

One reason that video works, is because it’s entertaining. We all or many of us spend a big part of the day staring at a screen with a lot of words and a lot of numbers and the mind looks for entertainment. And part of the reason why video is successful...
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Reinforcing your Brand through Email Marketing in a Competitive Marketplace

Your brand is the core of your business. Everything you do and every product you sell depends on keeping your brand at the forefront of your customer’s thoughts. An email marketing agency can help your business craft your brand and ensure that your...
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Driving More Sales with Full Service Email Marketing

Email usage has grown by leaps and bounds in the 20+ years since the first emails were sent. Today, emails are used in every industry, and for every form of commerce conceivable. With over 100 billion emails sent per day, it’s a communication tool...
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Building a Brand, One Email at a Time

Brand awareness. It’s the key to business longevity and it takes time to build, and dedication to nurture so that it grows stronger the longer you are in operation. An email marketing agency can use a variety of methods to build your brand so that...
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Increasing revenue with upselling and cross-selling

Clients love your products and services. They rely on your business to supply them the support and material that gives their business forward momentum. While this steady flow of business keeps your operations afloat, it’s not moving it forward....
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Satisfied Customers are Loyal Customers

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. In an era when competition is growing by leaps and bounds, keeping your customers satisfied is essential to helping your business grow. When it comes to full-service email marketing, there are several elements...
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Prospect follow up

For many businesses, prospect follow-up is treated as a daunting chore. It is something that must be done in order to generate new business. Quite the contrary is true. With just a little bit of effort with your Email marketing agency, you can take...
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Customer Retention – How Email Marketing Helps

One customer in the hand is worth two in the bush. It is an old adage that remains relevant in the fast-paced world of modern commerce. Securing new customers requires a considerable investment of time and resources. Retaining these customers is akin...
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Sparking Leads Can Ignite a Bright Future

Sparking Leads Can Ignite a Bright Future   The more leads a business sparks, the more opportunities a business has to grow. Each spark you send out can ignite a new business relationship that can burn bright and illuminate the way for new clients...
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Grow Trust Through Email

Grow Trust Through Email     Trust is the solid foundation that strong businesses are built upon. Clients who trust your business are more likely to refer their colleagues and business associates to your operations. In the 21st century, trust...
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Improved relationships through full-service email marketing services

Business is about relationships. It’s about connecting with your clients and developing solid communications. The better your relationship with your clients, the better you will be able to deliver the products and services they desire. The goal...
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The Wild Card: How to make distinctive emails that stand out

The Wild Card: How to make distinctive emails that stand out   The skyrocketing popularity of email marketing has one downside: everybody’s doing it! Although this is a testament to its tried-and-true effectiveness, it also means your email...