Marketing Strategy

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Staying Relevant: the Where and When of Advertising

The message or offer you communicate to your clients can seem like the most important part of an advertisement, right?  That is a logical thought as the first place to start, but with experience, my team has learned that when crafting marketing messages,...
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Direct mail is dead

If direct mail was dead your mailbox would not be overflowing with mail every day! When a business keeps using a marketing tool, it’s because it works.
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How many customers did you lose?

Did you lose clients this month? What about the past 12 months? It’s normal to lose some customers as their needs change, but more concerning is when they no longer see the value in what you offer. Customer churn is the percentage of customers that...
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Don’t only send cards in December

Holiday cards and greetings. What makes sense for your business?
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If I’m on social media, I don’t need email marketing, right?

Nope. Email marketing beats social media hands down! Why? Because the two are completely different tools. Why? Email marketing allows you to “push” information into people’s inboxes. With social media, you rely on people to “pull”...
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In marketing, which is more important: the list, the offer, or the creative?

In direct marketing there are three specific elements that make up the success of a campaign: the list, the offer and the creative. But which of the ingredients is most important? Designers will say: “it is the appearance and design of the communication...
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How much time and effort should I put into my marketing?

I think you agree, marketing takes a lot of time and effort: it’s a pretty safe statement. I spend a lot of time talking with business owners and entrepreneurs and one of the things I hear frequently, is that “they don’t have time” to allocate...
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Should I use my own content for a Newsletter?

Short answer, if you can – yes. 78% of Internet users conduct product research online. Most of this starts out as information gathering. Few people know exactly what product or service they are looking for and even fewer have a specific brand or company...
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Which Marketing Channel is Most Effective

Please watch this video where I talk about which marketing channels are most effective.
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Are Your Competitors Following Your Moves “A Little Too Closely?”

In this super-connected day and age where everyone can see what everyone else is doing and a business’ every move is scrutinized by its competitors – how can you keep from getting copied and emulated? Well, unless you have deep pockets and have a...
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How to Improve Your Profile in the Market

As a public presenter, I am often asked, “do you take your own advice in terms of marketing?” Well, that’s a great question because as you’ve noticed many marketing companies have conveniently succumbed to the “cobblers’ shoes” syndrome...
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How Do I Raise My Profile In the Market?

In this 1 minute video, learn how simple it is to raise and improve your profile in the market. We said simple, we didn’t say – easy!
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Analytics – What is Needed?

Understanding many of the things that are part of the modern Marketing mix can get overwhelming to a small business owner. We get asked lots of questions and one I’ve been hearing over and over is – what is the story with “analytics”. In...
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Website Analytics

Part of what makes Solutions for Growth client websites work well for our clients is our understanding of analytics. We see everything, but we only focus on the most important measurement criteria – because, as our smartphones have taught us, it’s...
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Do I Need a Brochure?

Do I need a brochure? In short, the answer is definitely. Brochures  are hard and steadfast non-negotiable requirements for any business that sell products or services. A brochure “speaks” for you when you’re not there to explain...
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David Fischer Interview on Marketing on a Budget

I was invited to talk at a Small Business event and during this interview, I shared an overview of how smaller business and organizations can approach marketing with a budget-oriented approach.   In the session I break down and explain some of the...
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Benefits of the Every Door Direct Mail Program

In this short video, learn about the post office’s Every Door Direct Mail Program and how you can select specific carrier routes to assure a thorough coverage of a geographic area. This type of strategy works very well for local businesses...
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How To Collect Email Addresses From Your Website

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Yes, Most Marketing Messages Are Ignored

You’re probably wondering, well, I delete most of my emails. Yup. An important concept in marketing: the vast majority of marketing messages are ignored, thrown out, destroyed, right? When you get the mail from your mailbox, you go in front of the garbage...
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What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online The Content Marketing Institute, defines content marketing: Content marketing is a marketing technique...
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Why Does Video Work?

One reason that video works, is because it’s entertaining. We all or many of us spend a big part of the day staring at a screen with a lot of words and a lot of numbers and the mind looks for entertainment. And part of the reason why video is successful...
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October 2016 – Avoid These 10 Scary Marketing Mistakes

Avoid These 10 Scary Marketing Mistakes View this newsletter in its original format SCARY Marketing? Yes, it exists. Scary marketing is ineffective marketing… and there are blatant mistakes that make the marketing SCARY! Missing a call to action...
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Automate Your Marketing: Planning Ahead to Convert & Keep

July 19, 2016, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm Greenburgh Public Library SCORE Westchester 300 East Main Street Elmsford, NY 10523 Link to event
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March 2016 – Print is More Alive Than Ever!

Print is More Alive Than Ever! View this newsletter in its original format   Digital communication has taken over, right? Not necessarily, the truth is, print media is just as important as ever. In fact, the goal of most digital communication is...
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January 2016 – How Promises and Values Help You Grow

How Promises and Values Help You Grow View this newsletter in its original format Successful companies have demonstrated that by creating a Brand Promise and delivering on Core Values, they strengthen their position in the market.  These are examples...
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August 2015 – You Need Printed Material for Your Marketing

YOU NEED PRINTED MATERIAL FOR YOUR MARKETING View this newsletter in its original format Reading about the latest developments in marketing, you always hear about building your online presence and attracting prospects over the Internet. Although this...
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June 2015 – Put Your Website to Work

PUT YOUR WEBSITE TO WORK View this newsletter in its original format What do customers find when they discover your website? Is it engaging, informative and easy to navigate? Merely having a website simply isn’t enough. Your site must contain the...
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May 2015 – Do You Have a Net of Fish or Need to Rock the Boat?

DO YOU HAVE A NET OF FISH OR NEED TO ROCK THE BOAT? View this newsletter in its original format Sometimes a different perspective, a fresh set of eyes, or even someone with a different set of experiences can bring a whole new light to your business, and...
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April 2015 – Noodling a Name?

NOODLING A NAME? View this newsletter in its original format One of the most important things to do when starting a business is to pick a good name. The name should reflect creativity and professionalism, suggest what your company is about and fit an...
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March 2015 – What? You’re Not Using Email Marketing?

WHAT? YOU’RE NOT USING EMAIL MARKETING? View this newsletter in its original format Warning: this article makes a strong point about why ANY business or non-profit should use email as a marketing tool. After reading the article you’ll want...
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February 2015 – 3 Steps to engage people on your website

STEP 1: Drive visitors to your website through social media "hooks," promotions and search engine optimization. Your website is your most important marketing tool - your online portal to a world of potential customers. It can polish your image or tarnish...
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December 2014 – How to Connect with Your Customers

Indeed, the internet has depersonalized business to such an extent that customers are seeking to make a connection with the companies they purchase products and services from. Ever wonder why Compaq computers went by the wayside while Apple's thrived?...
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October 2014 – How the Long Tail Can Help You Win the Battle for SEO

We understand search engine optimization and we'll fight on your side to ensure your company wins the highest score possible.
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August 2014 – How to Grow by Getting In Front of Your Customers

Be yourself. Perhaps you think customers expect you to look or act a certain way. But if you just present yourself as you are -- proudly, comfortably, and consistently -- then clients will get to know and trust the real you. You might be surprised how...
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July 2014 – How Up-Sells and Cross-Sells Boost Your Bottom Line

When a customer is in "buying mode" capitalize on that frame of mind! Maximize a sales opportunity by introducing additional or complementary services or products, as there is a strong likelihood that they'll easily be part of the sale.
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June 2014 – Small Businesses Need a Website to Survive

Want to hear something frightening? A recent survey by Yodle states that 52% of small business owners don't have a website of any kind. Those small business owners are putting their companies at an immediate disadvantage to their competitors. In our internet...
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June 2013 – Small Businesses Need a Website to Survive

Want to hear something frightening? A recent survey by Yodle states that 52% of small business owners don't have a website of any kind. Those small business owners are putting their companies at an immediate disadvantage to their competitors. In our internet...
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May 2014 – Content Marketing for Small Business

Be a Guide to Your Customers - Once upon a time, a company could sink a lot of money into advertising, then sit back and wait. Then the business of marketing changed dramatically. Nowadays it isn't enough to hope an ad somehow finds its way to your ideal...
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January 2014 – Increase Your Visibility in 2014 with Effective Marketing Tools

The New Year is upon us, which means it's resolution time! A good rule of thumb is to make your resolutions achievable so you can hold to them without having to change everything about yourself and your life.
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November 2013 – Landing New Customers and Retaining Existing Ones

In a crowded marketplace you have no shortage of competition. When it comes to landing new customers and retaining existing ones, it is necessary to offer products and services that leave a great taste in your client's mouths. This "secret sauce" is made...
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April 2012

Why You Should Practice "Best Practices"
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March 2012

3 Questions You Must Answer and a Special Announcement
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November 2011

Why Align Your Business with a Non-Profit?