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Content Marketing – What is it? How important is it? How do I do it?

I recently spoke with a prospective client about sales. I heard their frustration on the phone. The conversation covered a lot of ground but part of it went like this…. “You’re out there working hard, doing your best, trying to stand out…...
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December 2016 – Does Your Website Have A Nice Home?

As small business owners, we don’t think about website hosting until something bad happens, but we should. The last headache you need is a crashed or hacked website.   There are three major parts that make a website work: The website name...
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February 2015 – 3 Steps to engage people on your website

STEP 1: Drive visitors to your website through social media "hooks," promotions and search engine optimization. Your website is your most important marketing tool - your online portal to a world of potential customers. It can polish your image or tarnish...
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October 2014 – How the Long Tail Can Help You Win the Battle for SEO

We understand search engine optimization and we'll fight on your side to ensure your company wins the highest score possible.
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May 2014 – Content Marketing for Small Business

Be a Guide to Your Customers - Once upon a time, a company could sink a lot of money into advertising, then sit back and wait. Then the business of marketing changed dramatically. Nowadays it isn't enough to hope an ad somehow finds its way to your ideal...
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April 2014 – Dip a toe in social media and a #SuccessStory

Dip a toe in social media and a #SuccessStory - These days, there are so many social media networks that it can be dizzying to try and keep up. But social media is a crucial part of any successful marketing campaign. Social media networks are an extension...
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February 2014

This newsletter typically provides you with useful information on marketing that Toot your horn by nashvillescenehelps you grow your business. Today instead, we are tooting our horn with two items we're very proud of.
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March 2011

Google - What Can it Do For You?