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If I'm on social media, I don't need email marketing, right?


Nope. Email marketing beats social media hands down! Why? Because the two are completely different tools. Why? Email marketing allows you to “push” information into people’s inboxes. With social media, you rely on people to “pull” the information. BUT, both vehicles have their place in a balanced marketing toolkit. For example, having 1,000 email addresses…

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October 2016 – Avoid These 10 Scary Marketing Mistakes

Avoid These 10 Scary Marketing Mistakes View this newsletter in its original format SCARY Marketing? Yes, it exists. Scary marketing is ineffective marketing… and there are blatant mistakes that make the marketing SCARY! Missing a call to action – what do you want people to do once they read your offer? Too much or too…

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Driving More Sales with Full Service Email Marketing

Email usage has grown by leaps and bounds in the 20+ years since the first emails were sent. Today, emails are used in every industry, and for every form of commerce conceivable. With over 100 billion emails sent per day, it’s a communication tool that is driving commerce forward. When it comes to full service email marketing,…

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November 2015 – Online Reviews – You Gotta Have Them!

Online Reviews – You Gotta Have Them! View this newsletter in its original format Not that long ago, when you needed advice to hire a plumber or where to have dinner, you would ask family and friends. Today, although this option is still possible, consumers and businesses turn to the internet to find out about others’…

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November 2014 – How to Make the Most of Your Email Marketing Reports

A recent survey from Constant Contact found that 83% of small business owners use email marketing reports — almost 20% more than use website analytics. Email marketing reports provide useful data that enable business owners to understand who’s reading their emails and what the customer is doing with that information. But in order to use the data you’re receiving, you have to understand how to process it.

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April 2014 – Dip a toe in social media and a #SuccessStory

Dip a toe in social media and a #SuccessStory – These days, there are so many social media networks that it can be dizzying to try and keep up. But social media is a crucial part of any successful marketing campaign. Social media networks are an extension of your company’s online presence. They offer another opportunity to find new customers and connect more deeply with the customers you already have.

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