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How to Improve Your Marketing Before Next Quarter

Like most businesses, you have several tools working together. But when was the last time you considered updating, tweaking and refining them? Great marketing requires the use of multiple tools in expert fashion to achieve real results. Using tools like email marketing, social media, direct mail and paid advertising in conjunction with one another is your best…

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7 Reasons Why Your Website Should be a WordPress Website

WordPress logo

Odds are you already have a website. Every business, no matter what size, should have a website. However, you may not be using WordPress, which means that you’re missing out on a ton of functionality. Even if you are using WordPress, your site may have been set up a while ago, in which case there’s…

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Analytics – What is Needed?

Understanding many of the things that are part of the modern Marketing mix can get overwhelming to a small business owner. We get asked lots of questions and one I’ve been hearing over and over is – what is the story with “analytics”. In plain language, analytics programs and utilities record and track the visitors and…

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Website Analytics

Part of what makes Solutions for Growth client websites work well for our clients is our understanding of analytics. We see everything, but we only focus on the most important measurement criteria – because, as our smartphones have taught us, it’s easy to be distracted from what matters most. “Clicks and Likes” are not the…

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