Marketing Consulting

David FischerBefore making recommendations for your marketing program, we will review all of your current and past marketing tools to assess what’s working and what’s not. We’ll determine if you’re employing best practices in your marketing, and we’ll suggest additional tools to enhance your business and your bottom line.

  • Market Expansion – We’ll identify additional market segments that you may not have targeted in your marketing program. We’ll also help you grow your existing customer base by suggesting additional products or services that enhance your current offering.
  • Brand Positioning – What is your current marketing identity and are you attracting the right type of customers? We’ll assess the image your company is presenting, and the subliminal messages you’re sending, and give you recommendations on areas of improvement.

  • Marchetti Management LogoSolutions for Growth did a wonderful job helping us with our marketing, brand development and public relations. David Fischer of Solutions for Growth is truly a professional in every sense who helped us grow the business, increase sales and ultimately our bottom line. David was highly organized, efficient, creative and focused like a laser on helping us grow the business!