Direct Mail

Solutions for Growth has achieved much success for our clients in direct mail through two different options, and we will help you determine which is most appropriate for your business:


  • Every Door Direct Mail for Solutions for GrowthWe rent highly-targeted mailing lists that allow our clients to mail to specific demographics within your marketing sector. We then work with you to develop an eye-catching and effective direct mail piece which can range from a postcard to a multi-page or even three-dimensional mailer designed to capture the recipient’s attention, and includes a coupon or other special incentive. We offer a turnkey solution including copywriting, design, and mailing house services.
  •  The USPS “Every Door Direct Mail” program allows a business to saturate a neighborhood by selecting specific carrier routes within a zip code (and no need for names or addresses). Postage is only 0.16 cents, so the program is highly targeted and reasonably priced. For those who choose this program, we design a large and eye-catching mail piece that includes a special incentive like a coupon. This has proven to be a very successful direct mail campaign for many of our clients.