Search Engine Marketing

A Google AdWords campaign is a key driver for new business, and we develop highly-effective ads using appropriate keywords and key phrases to ensure a high click rate of qualified buyers. Campaigns are consistently monitored to ensure high effectiveness and ROI. A full monthly report is provided to ensure clients understand how the program performs and how the funds are allocated.

Exclusive-Education-ScreenshotWe developed a Google AdWords campaign for a leading New York City tutoring company. Through a series of carefully identified key-phrases and well-thought out ads, within two months we provided the client with a higher number of qualified leads at a lower cost than they were previously obtaining.

Rakow GroupAn important commercial real estate company was overspending in their AdWords account with mediocre results. Four months after taking over the account, we nearly doubled their clicks while lowering their cost per click by 22%. Results led to a dramatic increase in leads for the company.

SunbBlue EnergyA solar panel company needed an edge over its competitors in a crowded consumer market. A pinpointed AdWords campaign allowed them to stand apart and create an ongoing flow of qualified leads. Additional reporting was provided based on ad-specific phone numbers.

The Counseling CenterA leading mental health organization was running AdWords campaigns with poor results. Two months after taking over the strategy and management of the AdWords campaigns, we reversed the negative trend by running tests to identify the most responsive keywords and ads and the development of landing pages. Four months into the program, the organization saw a definite increase in inquires coming from AdWords campaigns and decided to increase its advertising budget.